Nash Ang is a film director, cinematographer and also a performer. As an actor, he appeared on numerous Korean dramas and movies such as Cheoyong, Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter, The Running Mates: Human Rights and Arthdal Chronicles, where he represented Southeast Asians to another level by integrating native Filipino languages as part of the script of the main actors.

No Man Is An Island (2018)

(Mockumentary- 15 Minutes)

"No Man is An Island" is a 15-minute mockumentary cut of a film about a muslim terrorist group to behead two Korean tourists; a cult leader and a sex tourist. The original film is a thirty five-minute one shot movie using a smartphone; a fake documentary that presents how both terrorism and fraud religion manipulate the people for material and ideological aims.


Genre: Mockumentary, political drama, religion
Language: Korean, Tagalog, English (English Subtitles)
Format: Stereo / NTSC / Color / MOV


Geon Go
Suho Kim
Roderick Alo
Jon Ponciano
Jastine Espiritu
Tanghalang Banyuhay Actors Ensemble


Direction and Cinematography: Nash Ang
Screenplay: Uel Ceballos & Jiseok Lim
Producer: Jiseok Lim
Production Manager: Tina Pacres
Production Design: Ramil Santos
Sound Design: Leo Cho
Music: Miguel Lorca

Director's Statement

Koreans remain the easy target of cult associations that named their sect as the “new religion”. These groups milked their prey for financial contributions, abusing the concept of “salvation” to recruit as many as possible. The increasing membership serves as the catalytic forces that push these sects to do more peculiar and evil deeds. What troubling the most, is the main idea that they use the "modified christianity" not only to gain money but to molest its members, mostly leading to what they justified as unforced sexual interactions between the willing members of their church.

“No Man is an Island” is a one take short film that brought one of these cult leaders to the Philippines. It’s an exposition of how they lured their victims into their “heavenly world” of salvation; how they prey on innocent children and poverty stricken provinces. The story is set in the southernmost major island of the Philippines where the Abu Sayyaf group reigns.

Abu Sayyaf is a militant group in Mindanao, engaging in an insurgency for an independent province in the country. The group is notorious for carrying out violent attacks and capturing foreign tourists as their hostages. Designated as terrorist group by UN, Abu Sayyaf rebels have also pledged allegiance with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

In the midst of global crisis, “No Man is an Island” presents to us the face of both terrorism and fraud religion. On how these two manipulative acts prey on the people for material and ideological aims. In a 33 minute short film, “No Man is an Island” covers two significantly alarming issues, which continue to degrade the moral of humanity.

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