Nash Ang is a film director, cinematographer and also a performer. As an actor, he appeared on numerous Korean dramas and movies such as Cheoyong, Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter, The Running Mates: Human Rights and Arthdal Chronicles, where he represented Southeast Asians to another level by integrating native Filipino languages as part of the script of the main actors.

Rich Dead Poor Dead (2015)

(One Shot Drama - 10 Minutes)

With no money left in his pocket, Minho is suffering from depression caused by the death of his father. The owner of the funeral home visits him and consoles him with flowers. However, things become complicated with the arrival of Chulgi.


Genre: Drama, Social Injustice, Equity
Completion Date: November 2015
Language: Korean (English Subtitles)
Format: Stereo / NTSC / Black and White / MOV


Minho: Chan Hyun Kim
Chulgi: Geon Go
Owner: Daesong Moon


Producer: Lim Jiseok
Director: Nash Ang
Cinematographer: Byeongin Go
Sound Design: Bora Yoon
Music Director: Miguel Lorca

Director's Statement

Does equality still apply to everything when money becomes part of the equation?


2nd Transcultural Festival 2015
South Korea

ASEAN-Korea Film Festival 2015
South Korea

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