Nash Ang is a director, cinematographer, professional video editor and also an actor.

The Saviour (2016)

(One Shot Drama - 5 Minutes)

A lonely man is walking on the beach to attempt suicide. As he is about to kill himself, a pellicular thing happened…


Genre: Faith, Suicide, Drama
Completion Date: February 20, 2016
Language: Korean (English Subtitles)
Format: Stereo / NTSC / Black and White / MOV


Producer: Lim Jiseok
Director: Nash Ang
Cinematographer: Nash Ang
Editor: Nash Ang
Sound Design: Yuha Kim


Geon Go
Chanhyun Kim

Director's Statement

Life is cruel to some people. Is there a real saviour to help them?


Singkwento International Film Festival 2016
Manila Philippines  - February 20, 2016
Best Actor & Honorable Mention

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