Nash Ang is a film director, cinematographer and also a performer. As an actor, he appeared on numerous Korean dramas and movies such as Cheoyong, Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter, The Running Mates: Human Rights and Arthdal Chronicles, where he represented Southeast Asians to another level by integrating native Filipino languages as part of the script of the main actors.

Seoul Mates (2015)

(Romantic Comedy Feature Film - 105 Minutes)

Alice, a Filipino transwoman, decided to go after her boyfriend Jason in Korea. She never heard much from Jason since the guy went there to study. Alice planned a surprised visit only to find Jason living with his new girlfriend Suyong, a Korean woman whom Jason met and fell in love with. Devastated and depressed, Alice planned to kill herself by jumping off in the bridge where she would meet Joon.

Joon, a Korean musician was on the same bridge and attempting to kill his self. A free loader at home, his parents kept pressuring him to find a more decent job than music and a potential girlfriend to settle with. But what really pushed Joon to end his life was the news of his one, true love getting engaged to someone else. Heartbroken and wasted, he went off to the bridge but he never expected that a woman of different race would mess up with his plan of suicide.

Two broken hearts crossed their paths and started picking up their fallen pieces together. But the attempt to get whole again was disturbed by the realizations that the important missing piece of themselves was left there from their past. Instead of getting into a new relationship, they decided to become allies in this wicked attempt to get back their true loves. Their lives made a quick turn and it brought them to events that they never expected...


Genres: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Multi culural, LGBT
Runtime: 105 Minutes
Completion Date: August 2015 (Directors Cut)
Country: South Korea, Philippines
Film Language: English, Korean, Tagalog
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: 2:35 (Scope)
Screening Format: DCP, Prores .mov file, Blu Ray

Main Staff

Director: Nash Ang
Screenplay: Uel Ceballos
Cinematographer: Chungil Lee
Music: Gil Hizon
Producer: Hoseon Lee

Main Cast

Mimi Juareza as Alice (Cinemalaya 2013 Best Actor)
Jisoo Kim as Joon (JYP Entertainment 2012 Best New Actor)
RC Eusebio as Jason
Jiwon Cha as Suyeong

Director Statement

During my first few months in South Korea, I had a chat with a gay Filipino man dressing up as a woman. He has had several male Korean lovers who didn't know he was a man until they broke up. That's the idea that inspired me to make "Seoul Mates”

Through its romantic comedy LGBT theme, we see the main character’s struggle finding her place in a society she is not familiar with. I would like to show that not all true love is worth dying for. If you are just focusing on a thing that you cannot change no matter how you force it, there are better things and opportunities that you will miss. Move on and live life positively.

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