Nash Ang is a film director, cinematographer and also a performer. As an actor, he appeared on numerous Korean dramas and movies such as Cheoyong, Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter, The Running Mates: Human Rights and Arthdal Chronicles, where he represented Southeast Asians to another level by integrating native Filipino languages as part of the script of the main actors.

My Raison D'etre (2011)

(Video Poetry/ Short Documentary- 2 Minutes)

The film depicts about an unemployed youth having a passion to reach out unprivileged ones. Global employment crisis badly effects our current community. It more affects developing countries because there are less competitive jobs available. As a visionary youth, my concern is not just to present the present employment crisis but the upcoming generations as well. Instead of giving a shot-term solution to the current problem, why not invest in the future? The youth is the future.

The beginning of tomorrow starts in each one of us. By giving education to the unprivileged children, little by little, we are giving hope and open a shed of light to give a decent work for youth in the future. The education is the key to rightfully mold each country's development and prosperity.


Cinematography, Direction and Voice Over by:
Nash Ang

Miguel Lorca

Miguel Lorca and the Tondo Kids

Ang Dahilan ng Aking Buhay
by Nash Ang

Bakit papunta na naman ang mga yapak ko doon?
Di naman ako yumayaman sa aking pinupuntahan.
Ni kakarampot na salapi ay wala akong maibulsa
Para sa personal na pangangailangan

Ilang beses ko ng napagisipan na umalis na.
Pero sa tuwing nakikita ko sila, palaging puso ang umiiral sa aking consensiya.

Basta pag nakikita ko silang nagsisikap,
Basta pag nakikita ko silang natututo.
Basta pag nakikita kon ang mga ngiti sa kanilang mga mukha,
Ay tumatalon na ang puso ko sa tuwa.

Mananatili ako dito.
Sila ang nagbibigay sa akin ng lakas.
Sila ang nagbibigay sa akin ng dahilan
Kung bakit andito ako sa mundong aking kinakatayuan.

Ang mga natutunan ko ay di natatapos sa apat na silid ng paaralan
Karapatan ng bata ang karampatang kaalaman.

Naniniwala ako na ang kabataan ay ang imahe ng kinabukasan.
Sila ang susi para umunlad ang ating bayan.

My Reason for Existence
By Nash Ang

Why do my footsteps lead me to that same place?
Wealth and graces know are not there.
Not a single coin I can keep,
To support my personal needs.

For a long time now, I have been considering leaving this place.
But every time I see them, its always my heart that's driving my conscience.

Whenever I see them doing their best,
Whenever I see them learning to the fullest.
Whenever I see the big smiles on their faces,
My heart leaps out with fulfillment.

I shall remain here.
They are the ones who give me the reason of my existence.
What I have learned is not only confined within the for sides of the classroom.
It is every child's right to have adequate knowledge.

I believe that the youth is the future.
They are the keys to our nations progress.

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